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Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy LegacyDedicated to a Healthy LegacyDedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Sharing the personalities of our family members with you through their puppies!

About Us


As a family we have been raising dogs for several decades. We have raised several breeds such as Great Pyrenees, Labs, Klee Kai, Huskies, and now Portuguese Water Dogs.  We only allow our dames to have a few litters to maintain high quality lines.

Happy and Healthy Puppies

We socialize with our puppies everyday.  We give them time with our other dog to learn how to socialize with other dogs as well as play time with us and our Grandchildren.  Our puppies are no stranger to being hugged and carried around by toddlers.  The puppies receive baths on a regular basis which is easy with Porties, they love the water!

Health Care

We have all our puppies health checked before they go to their new "Forever" home.  We make sure they have received all appropriate vaccinations as recommended by AKC and our veterinarian for their age.  We only feed high quality dog food to them and the mother, Hill's Science Diet.

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Our babies are ready for their new forever home, so reach out to reserve your "Furever" friend or to ask any questions.

Signal Lake Porties

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